About Us

Co-Creators Chris & Kurtis
Co-Creators Chris & Kurtis

Hi! I’m Kurtis…and I’m Chris and we are Hip Hop Health. We’ll get your students moving, dancing, and exercising all while learning about their bodies. The modern hip hop tracks in our production are not only appropriate, but extremely educational. With irresistible beats, catchy refrains, and entertaining yet informative lyrics, we’ll have your students amazed and engaged throughout our show, leaving them wanting more and more.

Hip Hop Health was signed to a DVD contract by Human Kinetics in 2009 and has been flourishing since.. Human Kinetics is known world-wide as the information leader in physical activity and health, and that success is in part due to the success of offices in Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We have been in the entertainment business for over 10 years and have performed at schools with large scale venues as well as small venues. This, along with our many years in the educational field, have given us the inspiration to create the most show-stopping and innovative entertaining learning experience to date! Not only will your students enjoy our Hip Hop Health videos, but they will be amazed by our “Live Concert Assembly Program”. After this grand experience, we’re positive that your students will leave with benefits from the activities presented in our performance. We encourage you to continue to look for ways to exercise your students’ bodies as well as their minds.

Our feature packages includes chic DJ facades, premiere lighting and sound, our videos projected on large screens, and much more. Coupled with the most researched and exclusive lighting and sound production, our personalized approach ensures a dynamic experience created exclusively for educational entertainment.

The content falls into three categories: basic anatomy, healthy lifestyle, and fitness. The basic anatomy section includes The Bone Dance and Pump It Up. These songs pair the correct anatomical term for a bone or muscle with a word or phrase students are familiar with. The healthy lifestyle section includes Wild Safari; in which students mimic animal behavior using various means of locomotion, and Mission Nutrition, in which students alternately assume the roles of health pros and couch potatoes. The fitness section includes Cardio, which takes students on a tour of the cardiovascular system, and Super Flex, which uses a superhero theme to convey the importance of attaining and maintaining flexibility. Our newest chart busters have been ranked as some of the most innovative, educational, entertaining videos to date: Squirmy Germy (a song about the importance of good hygiene and germ prevention), Let’s Move (a song used in conjunction with Michele Obama to raise awareness about a problem that is plaguing our students – Childhood Obesity), Razzmatazz – Razzmatoo (a great warm-up song that incorporates healthy line dancing in a form of exercising), Bully Blast (a song that raises awareness amongst our students about the negative effects of bullying. Bully Blast also offers a solution). Again, all songs were voted as top hits from schools throughout the East Coast!

Hip Hop Health believes in the progression and healthy lifestyles of our youth.

We’re striving to make a difference in the lives of our children through fitness, education and fun!

What to expect at your Assembly HHH Rocking Concert:

• Duration of concert: 45 to 50 minutes
• Selection of 4 out of 10 songs to be performed
• Costume changes
• Questions & Answers with your students
• Audience Participation
• State of the Art production set-up
• Autographs and Photographs after the show
(upon request)