Channel 6 ABC News Feature

Hip Hop Health was interviewed by Channel 6 ABC News after performing an assembly concert at an elementary school in New Jersey.  Dawn Heefner (producer of Health Check for ABC) was blown away by Hip Hop Health’s commitment to educating students through movement. She couldn’t believe how well the students followed the songs of Hip Hop Health and retained the positive messages through every song.

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Hip Hop Health & D.A.R.E.

Hip Hop Health opened up for the group, “The Nerds” for D.A.R.E.’S annual conference in Atlantic City.

Update:  Since Hip Hop Health’s perfomance in Atlantic City, they have been asked to perform their songs and skits at several D.A.R.E. function throughout various schools.

Thx D.A.R.E. officers for believing and supporting our program!